Motorcycles and Wheelchairs?

Not trying to be an ass. Seriously, not trying to be an ass. I was stopped behind a motorcycle for a moment, and noticed a little wheelchair symbol on the licence plate. I’ve worked with wheelchair folks in the past. . . and I understand that you don’t physically need to be in a literal wheelchair, to be granted handicap access. The non-wheelchair wheelchair folks I’ve met, have had different physical conditions that prevent them from standing up right for an extended amount of time, or prevent them from being exposed to the elements and such. Now back to my motorcycle friend. I’m no moto expert, but it appears to be a little more physical of an activity, compared to driving a car. Granted, it’s none of my business. . . but I found myself wondering. . . what condition does this gentleman have that allows him to ride a motorcycle. . . but prevents him from walking across a parking lot? Again, seriously, not trying to be an ass. . . just curious.

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