Digital Life – Simplified

I don’t know what you use your computer for, but I like to use my computer for everything possible. In my opinion, anything that can be absorbed through a screen and speakers should be done through a computer. This leaves more time and energy for the things in life that can’t be digitized. . . like caring for your body and real life experiences including time with friends and family.

I’ve reached a point where my hardware/software now meets my current needs. I have one high-powered PC (Desktop), one portable PC (Netbook), and one hand-held touch device (Smartphone), and of course some gaming consoles. (I still can’t find a use for a tablet in my life, but we’ll see what the future holds.) I’m able to do everything I want, including hardcore gaming, creating video, creating music, creating graphics, creating web sites, watching high quality videos, listening to high quality music, looking through high quality photos, reading books, reading comics, data analysis, and keeping in touch with people through social sites, email, instant messages, VOIP calls, and video calls. Sounds like a bit much, huh?

A little back story. . . I was almost at this place a few years ago. I had a PC in every room, totaling 5, and they were all networked brilliantly. Unfortunately, and during a high workload project period, the most important link in the chain started to fail on me. I didn’t have the time or energy to do a full box swap, so I had to gut the troubled box and re-allocate the recourses to various boxes on the network. This kind-of worked. . . but it was so complicated trying to get something to run. . . I ended up just giving up on doing what I really wanted to do. Naturally, this lead to daily reduction in productivity and endless frustration.

After some careful decisions, hardware investments, and hours upon dozens of hours of hardware/software configurations. . . I’m in a better situation that I was in before. I’ve maximized quality on both input and output. Minimized complexity and redundancy. I’m excited that I’ll be able to spend less time on the ‘nerdy stuff’. . . and more time on the ‘fun stuff’.

The unlikely players in this ideal situation are a custom Alienware Aurora R4 Desktop with Windows 8 Pro PC, a custom Alieanware M11x-R3 Netbook with Windows 8 Pro, a Nokia Lumia 920 Smartphone with Windows Phone 8, and of course, Xbox 360. Clearly I’m a Microsoft fan boy. Although, I’m not a fan of the whole Windows 8 family (at least, not to the point of suggesting it for anyway). Now that I’m on the other side. . . I can say that it is possible to productive with the latest Windows platforms.

It took a lot of time, sweat, and even some blood and tears. . . but I got there. Now, it’s time for some real life!

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