Phone in the Toilet

So my T-Mobile HTC HD7 felt like taking a bath yesterday. This would be the second HD7 I’ve ruined in less than a year. The first time, I had it in my shirt pocket, and I was bending over while standing on a sidewalk. The thing fell less than half a foot. . . and the screen cracked. I had insurance and got a replacement. With the replacement, I again had it in my shirt pocket. I was jumping around in the bathroom. . . and the phone just launched itself right into the toilet. I’m glad there wasn’t a mess in there at the time. For a couple of hours I tried taking it apart and drying it. I got it to almost 100% functionality, except the Wi-Fi and Cell connection were screwy. Go figure. So I debate in my head if I want to go through the insurance route and stick with T-Mobile which has terrible reception in my home. . . or move to the big dog AT&T which I know has good reception. Fun-Fact: I’ve only had one cell phone number in my life, and it started as an AT&T Go Phone. So I return home to AT&T, and was greeted and put into the queue. Naturally, the phones Wi-Fi starts working, and the Cell connection was creeping back to 100%. Still, as I was standing there, I don’t think I’d want to be using my toilet phone with no reception, so I went ahead and closed the deal. Now I have an AT&T HTC HD7S. Yes, it’s exactly the same, expect the screen is a little prettier and my reception at home is now great! I also learned today that most phone toilet drops happen during new years parties, when people are hung over the toilet and throwing up. With me not being a drinker, I had no idea.

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