Piercing Makeover

I’m continuing to make ‘improvements’ to myself. . . including. . . ‘modifications’ so to speak. I’m on track to creating a more healthy, stable, and productive lifestyle, and I’m trying to have fun with myself on the way. My work load has been reduced for the week, and I’m trying to take advantage. I’ve gotten a hair cut, did some hair dying, went for a tanning session, worked on some hair removal, did some tooth whitening, got some new outfits. . . and for the first time in my life. . . I’ve got a piercing now! This is the first time I’ve had any part of my body pierced. I know I’m pretty good at taking pain. I’ve been stung by a bee without being fazed, I stare while doctors give me shots, and I’ve had some dental work done without pain killers. A friend and I were hanging out in a department store. . . and he wanted to get some extra piercings. . . but he wasn’t sure. The original deal was, if he went for it. . . then I would go for it. . . but it worked out the other way around. There were a couple girls working us over, and trying to convince us to go through it. I just sat down, and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I had a small audience. . . probably because I’m a guy sitting in the middle of a store, getting ears pierced. So the girl shoves the first one through. . . and apparently I was very ‘clam’. . . and it was kind of hot. The split second of piercing pain, followed by the dull burning. . . then she went for the other one. (Earlobes of course, hehe). I was surprised blood wasn’t flying everywhere. . . and the discomfort went away in a matter of minuets. My friend got two piercing in the same ear after I was done. . . so we both went good on the ‘deal’. Anyway, this is so weird. . . I’m not sure if it’s ‘me’ or not. . . but I’m going to keep them in for a couple days at least. They are small 3mm, I don’t know ‘studs’ I guess you would call them. I felt like everyone was staring at me after the fact. . . but it may also be because I had just bought a bunch of new clothes, and changed in the parking lot. . . and maybe I didn’t get all of the tags taken off. In any case, I’m feeling good, and I’m having fun. . . yeah!

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