Your Worst Nightmare

Well, the day started off with me trying to pack as many chores in before tonights ‘group date’ as I could. Unfortunately, I was double-teamed a little earlier than I expected. A couple ‘friends’ came over, before the haunted house gathering. One of them started hardcore wrestling me, which as fun as that is, kind of wore me out for a minuet. I’m talking heaving breathing and sweating. Amway, we make it to the haunted house (after me following some bad directions into the darkness). As a group, we were a little early, so we had to wait around for the ‘really scary show’. Unfortunately, one friend that I wanted to show up. . . was unable to. So as our group of seven was standing in line and as the temperature was dropping . . . some employees come out to dance to ‘Thriller’ for us. How classic right? It was epically funny, since a member of our group ‘yelled’ at one of the dancers for parking in a stupid spot. Anyway, I was all jumping and excited to get into this thing. When we stepped in, we were greeted by a hungry vampire woman, I tried offering my neck, but she couldn’t touch me (rules ya know). I don’t want to give too much away, but it was very fun! There were lots of funny ‘acts’ going on, and plenty of dark spots. My favorite part was when a dude in a Skelton mask was pointing this pole at my face. . . given the full scene, it was very mind warping. Generally, I was ‘prowling’ the whole time, trying to catch the ‘scary people’ before they scared me, but they did get me a few times. I did feed bad for ‘hitting’ a few of them, as I was stumbling in the dark rooms. Sorry guys/girls, I didn’t mean it! We did loose a couple people have way through, which added a little excitement. By the end, the ‘exit’ door really felt like an escape. After we were done there, some of us investigated a mysterious running train engine. We weren’t sure if it was for show, or if it really had a purpose, but no one yelled at me for jumping on it. After that, a friend and I had a race across a muddy field, and I got all wet. . . hot huh? After that we all went out for coffee. That was fun, just sitting around talking. One of the group members was smooth enough to score cheap drinks. . . over and over and over again. After that, my ‘double team’ went grocery shopping with me. . . and then we called it a night. Whew, what a day. Alright, I’m exhausted. Goodnight! I hope I don’t have any. . . nightmares!

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