Game Splurge

I thought that I started work at 1PM today, but I was running late. I call the office at about 1:05, saying that I was running late. Then I was told I’m on schedule at 2PM. So, of course, I ran to the mall. I went video game shopping, and got three Xbox games out of the way, Def Jam: Fight for NY, Fight Club, and Street Fighter Anniversary Collection. Fortunately, none of them were at full price. I got run out by someone I went to grade school with. It was very cute, because we didn’t even realize each other at first. So the moral of this part of the story is that an extra hour, will put me in the hole for the day, but I hope I enjoy the games. The office isn’t too bad. The client that called me at my day job was taken care of without incident. Bad thing though, our ground floor toilet is completely stopped up. There is solid sewage lining the base of the bowl, and no water. I’m sure you can imagine what the smell is like. Seem we need to use your upstairs facilities for the time being, which is full of cobwebs and dead insects. Such a glamorous second job I have.

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